Wajibu Wetu Branding

Forum Syd is a non-profit organisation that strengthens marginalised people to claim their rights and advocates for a just & sustainable world. To achieve this, they promote democracy, human rights, gender equality & sustainable use of natural resources.

We were tasked to come up with branding items for the launch of the Wajibu Wetu programme a project of Forum Syd and the Embassy of Sweden. Wajibu Wetu programme will support the new frontier of civil society actors to influence change through artivism and other creative gender equality initiatives throughout the country.


Key Accomplishments of Wajibu Wetu

  • Increased public participation in county governance processes across all the target countries, especially among women, youths and People Living with Disability.
  • Supported activism behind art and culture, artivism, a fast-emerging driver of democratisation expanding the civic engagement space
  • Tuko Macho Web Series received international accolades including selection for screening at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival
  • Enhanced women’s political participation with forty-seven women candidates directly benefiting from Wajibu Wetu Programme interventions in twelve counties


October 18, 2018
Branding, Printing, Art Direction, rollup banner, x-stand banner, notebook